Why Start Your Child’s Learning at 3 Years Old?


Many people don’t understand the benefits of getting their three-year-olds into daycare and beginning their education at that time. This is due to many misconceptions, including ones that say that kids are only learning basic stuff that they could otherwise learn at home!

While kids do build a basic foundation at toddler age, early education actually goes more than just A-B-C’s and animal pictures. There are a lot of benefits for a child that’s enrolled in daycare in South Carolina at three years old.

First, children start to build relationships with other kids their age in daycare. Two years of their lives were spent at home interacting only with their parents and some of the members of their extended family. When they enter childcare services, however, they start to meet people for the first time – classmates, their parents, and their teachers.

In other words, this is a crucial time for them to start developing interpersonal skills that can benefit them later on when they become adults.

Another benefit to early education is that it helps the child, their parents, and their instructors to spot individual strengths that can be enhanced as well as weaknesses that can be further developed. These important discoveries must be made early in a child’s journey. A primary school has a different focus when it comes to academics, after all.

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