Cognitive and Motor Benefits of Painting for Kids


Painting is one of the best activities for children in a child development center. It’s more than just painting pictures or abstract images. The process itself lets children enjoy several benefits towards their cognitive and motor development.

For instance, painting requires precise control of the brushes. This helps develop the wrist and finger muscles. They become stronger and ready for more mundane tasks in the future like writing, holding broomsticks, and many others. The same skills are necessary for home development tasks too, making art an ideal skill to learn to prepare them for adult life.

Children who constantly paint in daycare in South Carolina also learn crucial analytical skills. It takes a lot of analysis and creativity to decide what shades or colors would be appropriate in an abstract painting, for example. Through these activities, children start to develop critical and abstract thinking.

Painting is also an early avenue through which children can learn mathematical concepts. Children learn about scale, size, and proportions. They also learn basic counting skills.

The next time you’re looking at childcare services for your child, check out if they have painting and other art forms in their list of activities.

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