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Help Your Child Get Over Their Preschool Jitters


At our preschool in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, we know that school refusal exists.

Yes, that thing your kid does when they get extra cranky or sulky as school is right around the corner is a well-researched phenomenon in early childhood. According to psychology experts Amanda Dudley and Jade Sheen, this usually happens after a long period of not going to school, such as during summer break or after moving into a new school. These long stretches of relaxation set deep in young kids and make the prospect of losing them for schoolwork terrifying for some.

Creative Beginnings understands that different kids react differently to the prospect of going back to school. Fortunately, we can share our expertise as a provider of day care in South Carolina to prepare them for school once more.

  • Let them talk about it

    Getting to air out what makes them so afraid of returning to school helps put things in perspective for you and them. It also clues you in on what makes them find school scary.

  • Be firm about why they should go back to school

    Explain to them, in clear terms and in a calm way, why schooling is good for them despite being scared of it. Say things like, “I know you’re scared about being in a classroom again, but learning is important.” Never use scare tactics!

  • Reach out

    Let the faculty know if your child had a terrible time at school so they can help your child learn in a safe, positive environment. Our child development center values this above all.

These are just some steps to help your child get over their preschool nerves. To learn more, call our experts in childcare services.
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