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How to Make Saying Goodbye to Your Child Easier


It’s something we often see at our preschool in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: parents drop their kids off at our center for the first time, and as they wave goodbye and turn to leave, the kids burst into tears or throw tantrums to get them to stay longer.

According to child psychologist Dr. Jillian Roberts this is a natural early childhood occurrence. If you have a hard time dropping your kid off at our day care in South Carolina, separation anxiety may be to blame. Dr. Roberts points out that this expression of distress usually fades as your child understands object permanence better.

So what do we do in the meantime? As an experienced provider of childcare services, Creative Beginnings suggests taking these steps to help ease your child’s separation anxiety:

  • Stick to your word

    Make it routine to tell your kid what time you’ll drop them off and pick them up again— and stick to it! This provides a sense of security and encourages your child to trust that you will, in fact, never leave them behind for long.

  • Let them get used to not seeing you

    It’s not as drastic as it sounds. Games like hide-and-seek incorporate an element of patience and anticipation, which help your child stay comfortable even when they cannot see you.

  • Make a farewell ritual

    This makes saying goodbye more of a fun exercise for your child. Come up with a special call sign, handshake, or greeting when you drop them off. Also, keep it short and simple.

How do you make drop-offs a happy experience for you and your kid? Share your stories with us! For more information about our childcare services, call us today.

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