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Discover the Benefits of Free Play for Young Children


Although it may look all fun and games, play is essential to children’s development. Free play contributes to children’s physical, social, cognitive, and emotional well-being from a young age. Between family routines and other structured activities, children should be given time to enjoy unstructured play. That is why providers of childcare services dedicate time for child-initiated activity. As a preschool in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, we will discuss the benefits of free play for young children:

  • Promote Independence
    Free play teaches children how to entertain themselves and how to think independently. This includes learning how to solve problems on their own and developing their decision-making skills. by building their independence, children discover what interests them and what they are most good at.
  • Promote Socialization
    Free play allows children to engage with their peers in an unstructured manner. This teaches them how to get along with others and build friendships. Doing so teaches kids how to regulate their emotions and be more mindful of other people’s feelings. This also develops children’s conflict resolution skills while teaching them how to share.
  • Promote Good Behavior
    Free play provides children the opportunity to blow off some steam. A child development center will encourage free play to give children the space and time to express themselves. This promotes better behavior in class and at home.

Creative Beginnings is a reputable day care in South Carolina. We offer high-quality programs for infants to preschool-age children to promote healthy development and help children maximize their potential. Contact us today for inquiries about our programs or the enrollment process.

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