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Why Are Friendships Important in Childhood Development?


Our kids’ first years in school are some of the most important milestones in early childhood. Here, they get to meet new people who will help shape their behavior, beliefs, and attitude as they grow up.

For kids, making friends is important. Having friends at their day care in South Carolina, or in the neighborhood will help them unlock a variety of skills. It can also have a tremendous impact on mental and physical health.

Creative Beginnings, your trusted preschool in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, would like to share the benefits of childhood friendships and what we can do to nurture them.

According to professional childcare services, friendships give children valuable contexts where they can learn and practice social, cognitive, communicative, and emotional development skills. Kids learn how to be more sensitive to others, how to use the standard rules of conversation, as well as learn age-appropriate behaviors.

Psychologists also note that early childhood friendships contribute to the quality of life and the ability to adjust to changes within their environments. Forming close bonds with their peers helps kids develop high self-esteem, allowing them to focus on schoolwork without having to feel sad and lonely. In short, they get to perform better.

As their main support system, what we can do to nurture these relationships is to become good role models. Additionally, encourage friendships that are important to your child, especially if you see a positive change in their overall attitude. Each child is unique, so it is a must to be respectful of your kid’s friendship skills. And if things go awry, give them a shoulder to lean on.

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