Tips to Promote Early Literacy in Children


Early literacy is the development of skills that children need to transition from learning to read to reading so they can learn. By developing early literacy, children establish the foundation they need to learn and grow. In addition to joining an early childhood education program, parents can continue to nurture their children’s development at home.

As a reputable day care in South Carolina, we will share a few tips to promote early literacy in children:

  • Avoid Baby Talk
    When engaging in conversation, it’s best to avoid baby talk and instead use grown-up language. This will build a long-lasting foundation for literacy development. Activities like visiting a museum or going for a walk can promote rich language use as you describe your surroundings with words you may not normally use in routine conversation.
  • Make Time for Bedtime Stories
    Reading with your child is one of the best ways to promote early literacy development. In addition to childcare services, reading at home for a few minutes each day can make a huge difference in your child’s development. Doing so also promotes a love for reading that your child may bring as he or she grows.
  • Offer Encouragement and Express Pride
    Encouragement from a parent can foster learning and motivate children to keep developing their skills. When your child learns their ABCs or finished reading a book, recognize their hard work. This will set healthy patterns for the future.

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