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Emotional Development Among Preschoolers

Emotional Development Among Preschoolers

A child’s ability to create fantasies in his or her play will help in the exploration of a wide range of emotions, from dependency and love to fear, protest, and anger. Preschoolers will not only take on various identities on themselves but will also assign living qualities and emotions to inanimate objects. At preschool age, some children will also create imaginary friends and pretend playmates. This is their way of expressing their creativity as well as emotions and behaviors. That is why our childcare services in South Carolina also foster free play among kids.

When your child comes to you frightened or upset by an imaginary incident, be sure not to make fun of her. It’s important to simply reassure her as this stage in his or her emotional development is normal and necessary. Sometimes, it is also important for parents to join their children in their fantasy play. By doing so, parents can help their children find new ways to express their emotions and work through some problems. Having regular conversations with your children will also help them know that you are proud of them and value their independence and creativity as parents. This allows them to show more their opinions and feelings. While nurturing children’s independence and control over their behavior and emotions is essential, parents must also always show that they are still in charge of making big decisions. This way, children will know how to react whenever they are in school or a child development center.

It is both challenging and heartwarming to witness our children develop their emotional skills. We only need to be present to support them. Help your kids by enrolling them in our day care in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Call Creative Beginnings today!

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