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Boost Your Baby’s Cognitive Skills with These Steps

Boost Your Baby’s Cognitive Skills with These Steps

Activities that promote active learning help your child’s cognitive development, especially in the areas of memory, concentration, and perception. As your child meets developmental milestones every day, you can incorporate simple reading exercises into your daily routine to build cognitive skills. Below are some tips to help you begin.

  • Practice identifying shapes and colors.

    When interacting with your kids, make it a habit to identify shapes and colors or ask them to describe the object to you. The furniture and toys at home can be a part of the identifying game and will exercise your child’s brain. Learning starts at home, so when they attend programs at a child development center, they can describe what they see with ease.

  • Sing songs or nursery rhymes.

    Singing nursery songs is a common practice at a day care in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina because it helps in the development of memory and identification. Start by playing their favorite songs at home frequently and encourage them to sing along with you. Eventually, your child may start singing along by himself, improving cognitive skills through music.

  • Encourage passion for books.

    Reading books is one way of establishing a love for reading and constant brain exercise. Reading helps your kids explore their imagination, creativity, and memory skills. There are several child-friendly books that your kids will enjoy reading! You can guide them by reading or storytelling to them at first, then slowly allow them to read by themselves.

Creative Beginnings offers childcare services in South Carolina that include activities that promote cognitive development to unleash your child’s potentials and grow more in knowledge. For more information about our programs, please call us at 843-215-1234.

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