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Types of Developmental Milestones in Children


We should monitor our children while growing. We need to be with them every step of the way guiding them making sure our child is progressing appropriately and teaching them things that parents should be teaching. And of course, as parents, we need to understand how important developmental milestones are.

Listed below are types of developmental milestones in children:

  • Physical milestones.
    This is where the child develops large motor skills and fine motor skills which they can sit, stand up, crawl, and walk.
  • Cognitive milestones.
    This involves the ability of a child to think, learn, and solve problems. This is where a Child Development Center can provide great help to our little ones.
  • Social and emotional milestones.
    This is where children gain a better understanding of their own emotions and can grasp the emotions of the people surrounding them.
  • Communication milestones.
    This is the stage where children learn both language and nonverbal communication. This is the time also when they will learn some basic rules of grammar.

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