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Tips to Help Trim Your Child’s Screen Time


Although there are age-appropriate learning programs found on TV and other gadgets like tablets and computers, excessive screen time can be harmful to young children. Too much time spent in front of a screen can increase your child’s risk for attention problems, obesity, and sleeping problems. Hence, providers of childcare services discourage too much screen time.

As trusted day care in South Carolina, we will share tips on how to help trim your child’s screen time at home:

  • Find Time to Unplug
    As a daycare provider, we encourage you to set aside times to unplug as a family. This could be during dinnertime or an hour before retiring to bed. You can spend this time engaging in conversation or partaking in an activity for some quality time together.
  • Model Healthy Screen Time
    Kids look up to their parents and other adults at home. One way to encourage less screen time is to model the desired behavior for your kids. Parents can set an example by limiting their screen time use. This includes reducing phone usage and not keeping the TV on for background noise all the time.
  • Create a “Screen-Free” Space
    Choose specific areas in your home where electronic devices are simply not allowed. This includes phones, computers, handheld video games, and similar devices. This could be the backyard or dining room where the space can be reserved for outdoor play or having meals.

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