The Wonders That Bedtime Stories Bring to Your Child


From Goldilocks tasting the porridge to Jack sowing the magic beans, bedtime stories are a wonderful way for children to dive into a world where the possibilities are endless. For many households and generations, this has helped parents make their little ones fall asleep so they can grow and thrive in life.

Not only are bedtime stories a fun way to bond with your child at home, but they also bring numerous benefits to several aspects of their development. As a daycare provider, we work hard to provide children with the nurturing environment that they deserve in their early years.

At our preschool in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, we ensure to provide the same level of love and care that you give to your little one, where they can grow at their own pace. Learning begins at home, so why should you read bedtime stories together?

  • Develop their language
    Aside from exposing them to different and fantastic worlds, bedtime stories are full of rich and diverse words and well-structured sentences.
  • Enhance their cognitive skills
    Bedtime stories encourage creativity and critical thinking as they involve imaginative plots, settings, and predicting the outcomes of a story.
  • Improve their emotional and social skills
    As children read or hear about a character experiencing a variety of emotions, this can help develop empathy for others and encourage them to engage in open communication with you about it.

Most of all, bedtime stories provide important life lessons. If you seek a day care in South Carolina that will help your little one grow up to become the best version of themselves, you can count on us.

For childcare services like no other, Creative Beginnings is the one to call. Contact us today to begin your little one’s wonderful journey with us!

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