Is Free-Range Parenting for You?

Is Free-Range Parenting for You?

As parents become more emancipated regarding their children’s life choices, they are increasingly adopting free-range parenting. Simply said, free-range parenting allows your child to be more self-reliant and make their own choices.

In retrospect, a 90s kid was probably a free-range kid. Doing things like biking alone around the neighborhood, commuting several blocks alone to and from school, and playing at a friend’s house are ordinary scenarios.

Although these activities were not entirely risk-free, they provided children in the 1990s with significant life experience and skills by allowing them to spend time outside, socialize with others, and express their creativity.

Our staff providing childcare services in South Carolina considers what free-range parenting may include:

educating your child digital safety utilizing phones, apps, and websites; allowing them to choose what to eat, wear, and play with; and preparing them for the risks of the world and how to respond correctly.

We encourage a child’s independence and confidence by allowing them to think for themselves and make their own decisions. Imagination and exploration allow children to think for themselves and develop creativity. Like free-range animals that can roam freely without supervision, free-range children can do the same. The difference is that kids can be talked to, reasoned with, and taught safe world navigation.

Adopting this parenting style would, in the end, be dependent on you and your entire environment. As most child development centers would advise, because there are risks involved, impose specific safety measures for your children.

At Creative Beginnings, a day care in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, we believe in developing our children’s minds for a lifetime of success.

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